Exploring the coast and nature is my passion.

During my free time, I head to the coast to explore its hidden beaches, rocks and cliffs, and to watch and listen to the sea. I also explore the forests and mountains in search of wildlife, rivers, waterfalls and other scenery.

Being in contact with nature has always helped to calm my mind, soothe my body and process my emotional problems. Each experience is unique, providing different sensations and answers to my problems.

And when this isn’t possible, I watch nature videos and listen to the calming sounds.

When I come home after a hard day’s work, watching nature videos helps me to focus my mind on the present, to leave behind my problems and enjoy the rest of the day. The ocean waves and rainy thunderstorms relax my mind before going to sleep and help me overcome the insomnia that comes from a stressful day.

And sometimes I just sit down rest and take in a nature video as if I was there.

Like me, many people around the world use nature videos to relax the body and mind, to help them fall asleep, to study or work, to meditate or even to deal with complicated conditions like insomnia, anxiety or depression. The benefits are evident.

Combining two of my passions, nature and video, I decided to create this channel to share my experiences. I try to capture the best of the nature that surrounds me and I share it here with everyone.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this channel. Thank you for visiting!
Richard E.

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