Underneath The Sky

Underneath The Sky is a channel where you can enjoy a vast collection of nature videos and sounds of the highest quality. The scenes are all recorded by me on the location in the form of long, continuous shots and are available in 4K, with high definition audio. The videos are available on the YouTube channel page, here.

Relaxing Ocean Waves Crashing on Rocks

Nature and artistic video are my passions. During my free time, I search out places in nature where I can feel its wonder and tranquility, capturing the unique beauty of each location to share with you on this channel.

The videos encompass a wide range of nature scenes and are organised into different playlists according to the scenery, characteristic sounds, type and duration. You can find scenes of the coast and the ocean, forests, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and many other relaxing scenes.

Nature calms the body and mind, reduces stress and fear, replacing them with positive, more pleasant feelings, and has many other benefits for your mental and physical well-being. Many people use nature videos and sounds to soothe the body and mind, to help fall asleep, to study or work, to meditate or to even manage difficult psychological conditions, such as insomnia, anxiety or depression.

Watching nature videos is also a great way of passing your time and just appreciating the true beauty of nature. Take some time out of your day to relax and enjoy this unique collection.

Thank you so much for for visiting this channel and enjoy!